Reuse - unwanted textiles are made affordable for third world countries.

Reduce - less material and energy is used to make the product; less waste going to landfill.

Recycle - textiles can be shredded to the raw material and made into new products such as mattress fillings and rugs. 

How to get started

There are various textile recycling schemes that offer a free service. We prefer the Bag2School scheme. It is a good way to dispose of unwanted clothing, raise money for your school and provide a supply of affordable clothing in Eastern Europe.

You can sign up to the Bag2School website. Once registered you will receive personalised bags with at least 10 school days to hand them out before your organised collection. The school will be paid based on weight of the collection.

Items that can be collected for recycling and reuse:

  • good quality second hand adults and children's clothing
  • sheets and blankets
  • curtains
  • soft toys
  • shoes
  • belts
  • handbags

Did you know?

  • Textiles make up 12% of landfill sites.
  • In 1 year discarded clothing would fill Wembley Stadium.
  • Britain produces around 1 million tonnes of textile waste a year. Roughly a quarter of this is recycled, mostly through jumble sales, clothes banks and charity shops.