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Community development

How does Community Development work?

Community Development Officers lead, facilitate and support a variety of work, from small scale social groups through to large, multi-agency strategic projects. Overall all projects:

  • create opportunities for people to develop their skills and realise their potential
  • reach out to those excluded or disadvantaged
  • create community organisations who can represent the community and develop solutions to local issues
  • promote dialogue between communities and agencies to improve the town and encourage more residents to do more for themselves.

Our Community Development Team will work with you to:

  • encourage everyone to play an active role in their community
  • secure external funding grants for localised community projects and initiatives, events and activities
  • provide a point of contact for community and voluntary organisations and develop practical tools, training and support to build capacity in the community
  • encourage increased and more intensive use of the council’s community centres
  • develop local community ideas into practice
  • advertise and promote all community activities in community centres and hubs across Slough.

Creating Stronger Neighbourhoods

Slough Borough Council’s Stronger Neighbourhoods initiative looks to enhance existing areas and improve services with the support of local residents. Driven by insight and co-production, the project aims to better understand the needs of residents, and take action with them to improve three key areas of Slough; Trelawney Avenue, Chalvey and Foxborough.

Led by the community development team, and building on the success of our work in Manor Park in 2017, this approach will be to bring together community partners, organisations and council teams to work together to develop local assets, solve local issues and create more engaged and cohesive communities.

Community centres

Talk to us about what you can do in Slough’s community centres and how we can support the development of your ideas.

For more information about the cafés and how you can get involved contact

Both Chalvey and Britwell Community Centres offer:

  • library service with free internet access
  • community activities and events
  • English, Maths and IT classes for all abilities and much more.

GDPR disclaimer

We store information securely about community groups that we fund and/or work with including contact details of the organisation and individuals involved. We get in contact with these groups and individuals from time to time in order to share events and funding opportunities.

If you would like to receive future messages from the Community Development team, please email with the subject 'Yes, please keep me updated!'

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