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Library members have free access to this online reference library. The extensive range of resources below is available on computers in the library with the majority also being available from your home computer.

Help with Homework

These online sites are particularly good for helping with homework queries.


Title Details Availability
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Library Edition
The world's best known encyclopaedia.
With editions for children (5-11)
and students (12-18) as well as adults.

Encyclopaedia Britannica in library

Encyclopaedia Britannica at home

Issues online Topical reports on current social issues
- great for school projects

Issues online in library or at home

Oxford Bibliographies Research guides to a range of topics. Combines features of encyclopaedia and bibliography. Free access to topics relating to "Victorian Literature" and "English and Irish Literature".

Oxford Bibliographies in library or at home

Family History

A wealth of information whether you want to explore the great events of the past, are tracing your own family history or just want to find out about a well-known person.


Title Details Availability
Ancestry Library Edition Masses of information for family history researchers, including census records, births marriages and deaths and much more. Ancestry Library Edition in library only
Find My Past A huge range of family history resources,
including the 1911 census for England and Wales.
Find my past in library only

Forces War Records

7 million historic records on British personnel involved in wars around the world from the Napoleonic wars to World War 2. Forces War Records in library only


Newspapers, journals and magazines online

These services offer access to the contents of lots of magazines, journals and newspapers - current and historical, local and world-wide.


Title Details Availability
Access to Research Read 8,400 academic journals with over 1.5 million journal articles and conference proceedings covering : Health and Biological Sciences Social Sciences and Engineering as well as Art & Architecture, Business, Environmental Science, History, Journalism, Languages, Politics, Film, Philosophy and Religion, Mathematics and Physics.

Access to Research in library only

PressDisplay Access over 2000 current national and international newspapers and magazines from around the globe in over 60 languages from more than 100 countries. PressDisplay in library or at home
Which? Online Online version of the
popular consumer magazine series.
Which online
in Slough Central Library only.
Please ask a member of staff
to log you in
Zinio Access 40 popular magazines online including Marie Claire, National Geographic, Men’s Fitness and Newsweek
Guide to setting up your e-magazines account
Zinio in library or at home