London Bridge attack: “United against hate”

Published: 04 June 2017

Following the attack on London Bridge last night (Saturday 3 June) the council’s community cohesion members’ group has released the following statement:

“We, along with our residents, stand together in condemnation of the actions of the terrorists last night.

“For the third time in as many months, we have seen innocent people, going about their lives, slaughtered on the streets of the UK, by cold-blooded murderers who have lived and now died spreading hate and fear.

“These heartless terrorists do not share our values, do not share our faith, do not share our beliefs; they wish to divide us, turn our love and respect for each other into hate.

“They represent no one; no faith, no race, no religion. No reasonable thinking people sanction acts of evil like we have seen last night, in Manchester and on Westminster bridge.

“Our thoughts are with the victims, their family and friends and all the emergency services who, as always, ran towards the horror whilst ensuring others could run away.

“We call on all Slough residents to come together and stand together, united against hate in all its forms and in our belief in our communities and their love and respect for each other.”

The community cohesion group was set up in 2014 to encourage even more community cohesion in the town.

The cross-party, multi-faith group is made up of: Councillor Mohammed Sharif, Councillor Sohail Munawar, Councillor Madhuri Bedi, Councillor Wal Chahal, Councillor Preston Brooker, Councillor Nora Holledge, Councillor Ishrat Shah and Councillor Joginder Bal.