Young people of Slough tackle equality issues

Published: 07 June 2017

Representatives from Slough Youth Parliament (SYP) and Slough’s youth LGBT group, Spectrum joined young people from around the country to address the issue of equality in our society.

The group attended the Equality4Us convention at the London offices of Amnesty International on Wednesday 31 May to explore the five key liberation campaigns for groups within society that are either under-represented or discriminated against; particularly women, young people of faith, and those in black and minority ethnic, disabled and LGBT groups.

In response to 2016’s Youth Select Committee which found that hate crime is under reported, youth representatives also unpicked the barriers to young people reporting and created a good practice charter to help services make sure their processes are young people friendly.

Now in its seventh year, the British Youth Council’s Equality4Us convention included interactive, issued based workshops and sessions examining the issue of equality, how it affects young people as individuals, and why the fight for equality continues.

Christie Campbell, from both SYP and Spectrum, said: “With SYP’s manifesto priority to promote equality for all and empower young people to feel safer in their communities, it was great to have this opportunity for young people to meet together, share experiences and propose new ways to support each other and determine policy and campaigns in these areas.”

Councillor Madhuri Bedi, cabinet member for children, education and families, added: “Time and time again, the young people of Slough demonstrate their commitment to the big issues affecting the wider community.

“We are proud of their continued dedication to challenging inequality and the support they provide in giving a voice to the members of society who are under-represented or face discrimination in their daily lives.”

The Slough Youth Parliament and Spectrum are supported by Slough Borough Council’s Young People’s Service. To find out more contact