Slough Borough Council – the best partner you’ll ever have

Published: 02 October 2017

Prospective landlords in Slough will be offered a one-off incentive of £5,000 if they let their properties to tenants referred by the council’s social lettings team during the week starting Monday 9 October.

In order to qualify for the above incentive landlords need to agree to commit to providing at least five properties by March 2018. The tenancy agreement must be for a minimum for 24 months and properties will be rented at Local Housing Association (LHA) levels.

Slough Borough Council operates a scheme where it facilitates the rental of privately-owned homes which are then used to provide accommodation for local families in need.

The council is appealing for at least 30 properties including one bed, two bed, three bed and four bed properties.

If the council has been unable to gain as many properties as needed, the offer will be extended for a further week.

Councillor Mohammed Nazir, cabinet member for housing, said: “One of our top priorities is keeping families out of temporary accommodation wherever possible, providing them with safe, suitable homes to live in.

“We are aware Slough faces a number of challenges in providing affordable housing for local people but we are committed to providing our residents with access to good quality homes.”

On 10 October people around the world will mark World Homeless Day which draws attention to homeless people’s needs in their local community.

Councillor Nazir added: “If home owners have property they’d like to rent out in Slough, I urge them to contact our housing team. Landlords who accept tenants referred by us can gain a steady income while helping their local community by providing desperately needed accommodation for people on the current waiting list.

“Home owners can rest easy in the knowledge their properties are in safe hands. Slough Borough Council really is the best partner you’ll ever have.”

If you are interested in letting your property to the council, or need further information, please contact the housing team on 01753 875022 / 875522 or email