Residents warned to stay out of ponds, rivers and streams

Published: 05 July 2018

As the heatwave continues, Slough Borough Council is asking residents not to swim or paddle in the town’s ponds, rivers and streams.

Though the thought of cooling off in the local waterway, pond or lake might sound appealing, it is rarely safe and can cause damage to plants and wildlife.

Councillor Rob Anderson, lead member for environment and leisure, said: “In this weather nothing seems better than some nice cool water but unfortunately with any open waterway there could be hidden dangers.

“The cold water can cause problems with shock, there may be underwater hazards or debris, sudden deep areas, rivers or streams may be flowing faster than you think and even if you consider yourself a strong swimmer it is easy to get into trouble.

“We have some beautiful ponds at Herschel and Baylis Parks and streams and rivers meandering through many areas including Haymill, Cippenham Meadows, Salt Hill and more – but we cannot urge people strongly enough to enjoy these treasures from the banks and not in the water itself.

“Both Baylis and Herschel ponds have been restored in recent years and are now a haven for local wildlife. Unfortunately an innocent splash about, as well as potentially being unsafe, can ruin habitats causing difficulties for those birds and other species who have made the area their home.”

He added: “We want all residents to enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy our parks and open spaces – but please do so safely and don’t put yourselves in danger.”

Anyone who sees someone in trouble in open water should call 999 immediately.