Structural work

Windsor Meadows Footbridge

Introduction and Location Map

Windsor Meadows Footbridge (Structure No. 1829, located at NGR 495510, 179510) connects residential areas Ruby Close to Coe Spur.

Locaion map

Description of work request/scope

The Windsor Meadows Footbridge carries a footpath over a small stream near Ruby Close in Slough. It is a single span, timber footbridge comprising two longitudinal timber beams, transverse timber bracing and transverse timber decking. The stream flows from north to south. The span is approximately 9.9m in length and the deck width is approximately 1.8m.

The primary timber beam on the north side was significantly decayed along the top section with fungus evident on the inside of the bridge and the parapet infill bars having fallen into the river due to vandalism. This has resulted in loose deck boards that are not firmly affixed to the main beam, and could either become completely detached or at least cause a trip hazard to the public. There was only parapet mesh between vertical parapet posts, approximately 1.2m apart.

Therefore, vertical infill bars was re-attached between the parapet posts to protect public safety as a temporary measure.

The bridge replacement works, which were funded by the Department for Transport’s recent pothole funding to repair roads and structures, were completed on 29 March 2019.

Before and after photos